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Basic Lease
High Quality MP3
Un-tagged MP3
Sell up to 3,000 Copies
Non-Exclusive Rights
50,000 Monetized Audio Streams
1 Radio Station
1 Music Video
Instant Download
See License Example
Premium Lease
MP3, WAV, & Track Stems
Un-tagged MP3 & WAV File, & Track Stems
Sell up to 10,000 Copies
Non-Exclusive Rights
1,000,000 Monetized Audio Streams
2 Radio Stations
1 Music Video
Instant Download
See License Example
Exclusive Rights
Unlimited Everything
Un-tagged MP3 & WAV File, & Track Stems
Sell Unlimited Copies
Exclusive Rights
Beat Removed from Website
Unlimited Monetized Audio Streams
Unlimited Radio Stations
Unlimited Music Videos
Instant Download
See License Example

Leasing Beats


1) What is Leasing a Beat? What Does it Mean?

A beat lease is simply using a beat based on specific terms. The beat or instrumental still belongs to the original writer (producer), but the licensee (rapper, singer etc.) gets to use it according to the terms of the lease. This can work well for someone who's just wanting to record a demo or put a song on a mixtape. For example, our basic lease includes the right to sell 3,000 copies of the finished song and to create 1 music video. Check out a beat leasing contract example.

2) Can I Put Leased Beats on itunes and Spotify?

Yes. A beat lease contract will include the number of streams that is allowed for that particular license agreement. This is for streaming services such as itunes and Spotify. Our streams allowance range from 50,000 up to 1,000,000 for leases.

3) What about Unlimited Lease Beats?

Personally, I do not do unlimited leases. Unlimited leases kind of rule out the producer from selling exclusive rights. You can't really sell the exclusive rights to something if you've given other people unlimited use of it. And, an artist is not going to want to buy the exclusive rights to a beat if someone else has unlimited use of it, especially if there are numerous artists with an unlimited license. The two just don't mix.

4) Can I Copyright a Song with a Leased Beat?

You could try, but no. You could only copyright your lyrics or the element of the song that is yours. In this case, the producer or beat maker would still own the copyrights to the beat itself.

5) What Do I Do if My Lease Agreement Runs Out?

You simply get with the producer and renew the previous lease agreement or purchase a better license for the beat. This can be a better lease agreement with more options and freedom or going all in and buying the exclusive rights.