100% Exclusive Beats

Exclusive Beats That Have Never Been Used or Leased By Anyone Else


Disclaimer: All of our 100% exclusive beats are labeled as "100% Exclusive".

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100% Exclusive Rights
Up to $399
Beats Never Leased or Used by Anyone Else (Only Applies to Beats Labeled as "100% Exclusive")
Un-tagged MP3, WAV File, and Track Stems
Sell Unlimited Copies
Exclusive Rights
Beat Removed from Website
Unlimited Monetized Audio Streams
Unlimited Radio Stations
Unlimited Music Videos
Instant Download
Up to 2 Edits of Your Choice of the Beat's Composition/Layout
See License Example

Exclusive Beats for Sale


1) What Exactly are Exclusive Beats?

True exclusive beats, or what I like to call 100% exclusive beats, are beats that have never been leased or used by anyone else. This means that when these beats are purchased, they are solely used exclusively by the buyer. There are plenty of "exclusive beats" for sale out there, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they've never been used by anyone before. Most of them simply mean that the buyer will obtain "exclusivity" of the beat from that moment forward.

2) What is the Difference Between Leasing Beats vs Exclusive Beats? 

The main difference is that when a beat is leased, it isn't controlled by the buyer or artist. The producer still owns the rights and can lease it to however many artists that he wants to. There is no "exclusivity" with leasing. Buying exclusively, on the other hand, means that you are the only one with the beat. It is yours to use and yours alone.

Also, with leasing, there are usually a lot of different limits to the beat. Only a certain number of copies of the finished song can be sold. The amount of streams of the finished song is limited. The amount of radio play and exposure is usually limited as well. With exclusive beats, all of that is thrown out the window.

3) What are the Benefits of Buying Exclusive Beats? 

As I said, when you buy exclusive beats, you have the beat exclusively - you are the only one with the beat. But, there are also other benefits as well. When you purchase exclusive rights beats you receive the WAV files (track stems) which contain all of the individual drum and instrument sounds. You have the freedom to mix and master each individual drum and instrument sound however you'd like. This really helps with an artist mixing in their vocals. You can also compose those sounds and arrange them however you'd like. The beat is yours to customize!

On top of the above mentioned benefits, I also offer up to 2 edits of the original composition of the beat. For example, if you'd like an instrument or sound removed I will provide that for you. If you'd like the verses or hook/chorus to be lengthened or shorten or an extra verse etc., that is included - up to 2 edits of the composition. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

4) What is Included?

Included with these beats is the un-tagged high quality MP3 file, the ultra high quality WAV file, and the individual WAV files (track stems). Also included is the exclusive rights license agreement. You can check out the license agreement terms here.

5) Do You Do Package Deals for Your Exclusive Beats?

Yes! We can work out a package or bulk deal if you are interested in numerous beats. If 2 or more beats are included there will be some sort of discount so get with me if you are interested in numerous beats.