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2) Click the cart at the top right of the beat player. Click "Proceed to Checkout".
3) Pay with Paypal or Credit Card. You will be emailed your beat(s) immediately.
Basic Lease
High Quality MP3
Un-tagged MP3
Sell up to 3,000 Copies
Non-Exclusive Rights
50,000 Audio & Video Streams
1 Radio Station
1 Music Video
Instant Download
See License Example
Premium Lease
High Quality MP3 & WAV File
Un-Tagged MP3 & WAV File
Sell up to 6,000 Copies
Non-Exclusive Rights
500,000 Audio & Video Streams
2 Radio Stations
1 Music Video
Instant Download
See License Example
Premium + Track Stems
Premium Lease + Track Stems
Un-Tagged MP3, WAV File, & Track Stems
Sell up to 10,000 Copies
Non-Exclusive Rights
500,000 Audio & Video Streams
2 Radio Stations
1 Music Video
Instant Download
See License Example
Exclusive Rights
Full Ownership
Un-tagged MP3, WAV File, & Track Stems
Sell Unlimited Copies
Exclusive Rights
Beat Removed from Website
Unlimited Streams
Unlimited Radio Stations
Unlimited Music Videos
Instant Download
Never Leased or Used Before (Only Applies to Beats Labeled as "100% Exclusive")
Up to 2 Edits of Your Choice of the Beat's Composition/Layout
See License Example

Melodi Beats

Melodi Beats is owned and operated by me, Brad McCollum. Originally from Memphis TN, I've been producing and making beats for over 13 years. Melodi Beats provides everything from rap beats to pop beats to r&b beats for artists and the entertainment industry. We also provide instrumentals for the commercial, television and film industry.

With an emphasis on the melody of the beat, Melodi Beats specializes in melodic beats without neglecting anything else. Around here "Melody is King" but, don't let that fool you. Everything else is top notch as well.

If you have any questions feel free to use the chat option available at the bottom right of your device.


1) Will the Voice Tag Be Removed from Purchased Beats?

Yes of course. The voice tag that you hear will be removed from purchased beats...both leased beats and exclusive beats.

2) What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

You can buy beats with Credit Card or Paypal, whichever you prefer. Paypal and Stripe are both very secure and this website is SSL secured as well.

3) Why Are Some Beats Available for Leasing and Exclusive Rights and Some Are Only Available for Exclusive Rights?

Great question! There's 2 answers: The beats under "100% exclusive beats" are truly exclusive and have never been leased or used by anyone else. So, these are only available as exclusives. I wanted this option to be available for people because I know there are many artists who are looking for beats that have never been used by anyone else. They want something that is theirs and their's alone.

The other reason: The beats under "Cheap Beats" are exclusives that I would like to sell in order to trim down my library and also to give people a good deal on exclusive beats. Now, these beats aren't all 100% exclusive. Some of these have been leased before, but the exclusive rights can still be purchased for full ownership.

4) When and How Will I Receive My Purchase?

You will receive your purchase immediately after the payment is made. The beat(s) and license agreement(s) will be emailed to you immediately for download.

5) Do You Have Bulk or Packaged Discount Deals?

Absolutely. On the beat player you will see "Deals" next to the "Filter" tab on the top right, underneath the pink shopping cart. Those are the current bulk discounts for leasing beats. They can be activated at checkout when there are enough beats in your cart to activate them (at least 3 beats). If you would like a packaged deal for exclusive rights beats, contact me via the chat box at the bottom right of your device and we will get something worked out for you.

6) What's the Difference Between Melodic Beats and Other Beats?

There really isn't a huge difference. For example, a melodic rap beat isn't going to necessarily sound that much different than the average rap beat. A melodic type beat is simply going to have an emphasis on the melody. The melody will usually stand out more and be more catchy or appealing to the ear. They are generally more "musically driven".