Cheap Exclusive Beats

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Exclusive Rights
$50 - $199
Unlimited Everything
Un-tagged MP3, WAV File, and Track Stems
Sell Unlimited Copies
Exclusive Rights
Beat Removed from Website
Unlimited Monetized Audio Streams
Unlimited Radio Stations
Unlimited Music Videos
Instant Download
Never Leased or Used by Anyone (Only Applies to Beats Labeled as "100% Exclusive")
See License Example

Welcome to the Cheap Beats Page!

Here you will find cheap beats for sale that are budget friendly, yet still high quality.

Why Do We Do This?

The goal is to provide cheap exclusive beats to artists that have a price range between $50 and $199. This also allows me to trim down my library to make room for more beats.

What's All Included?

With your purchase you will receive the un-tagged MP3, WAV File and the Track Stems. The track stems will allow you to mix each individual sound and instrument separately. Why is this important? In order to get the best mix for your song with your lyrics, it's important to be able to mix and edit the frequencies of every sound individually. Enhancing effects can also be added to the sounds as well, if needed. In a nutshell, this gives you, or your sound engineer, the ability to really shape and enhance the sounds of the beat to your liking.

You will also receive the exclusive rights contract(s) stating your exclusive rights of the beat. Here is a license example to check out.

All purchased beats will be removed from the website immediately.

How to Purchase Cheap Beats

1) Simply "Add" the beat(s) that you want to purchase and select the "exclusive" or "exclusive rights" license.

2) Find the pink shopping cart located at the top right of the cheap beats player and click "Proceed to Checkout".

3) Then you can pay with Paypal or Credit Card and that's it! Your beat(s) and the license(s) will be emailed to you immediately for download.